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4 Unique Things to do in Alaska

I don’t mean the typical, “let’s go look at a glacier” t (no, not the insulated mugs that are in right now), things, but like stuff you normally don’t know about. We have so many amazing and fun things here that don’t require a hunting license nor snow shoes.  I mean really, there are so many cool things I don’t even know where to start.  Alaska is a great place to be well, have fun, be in awe, and even achieve weight loss goals without even trying! People thrive here when they embrace it.  We’re not all drunks that hunt.  Ok, we are, but we still have fun.




Oh my.  If you love climate change studying and/oir engineering this tunnel is for you.  This tunnel is part of a vast amount of land that’s in the permafrost category. and it’s a treasure let me tell you.  There are all sorts of fossils, There are also layers of silt, bedrock, and lava and so much more. Just writing this makes me want to take my Minecrafting son down there so we can feel like we’re really in a cave digging!

It all started in the 1960’s for engineers to see how permafrost excavating would go. Much to their surprise, the fossils and layers of the earth just made it all the more interesting because it was so well preserved. So you know, it’s pretty much a science lab.  Pure heaven I say.

2. The Aurora Ice Museum

OK, so this is expected because I know, ICE.  But seriously this is still so cool and not many people know about it.  It’s the best ice sculptures I’ve ever seen and they always get better.  I don’t know how they even do it, but it’s cool.

These sculptures are mostly all done by Steve Brice, unless he has some cool guest come and show off. There’s are ice beds, castles, bars, horses, a kitchen, and so much more. The detail in these things is mind-blowing.  Bring a jacket because you know, ice. Also, no matter how cool they are you don’t have to worry about needing an Unsecured Business Line of Credit with Bad Credit to enjoy it- prices are affordable, yo.



3. (Enter Creepy Music) Buckner Building (Creepy Music Fades Out)

If you love to be creeped out, love to go on ghost hunts, or just love the weirdly fantastic then you have to go to an old WW2 bunker building thing.  I guess this was some secret military base, a city in one room kind of deal. Well, as is typical with most government run programs, it’s now in shambles and falling apart (oops, did I say that out loud…). So you know, go explore the abandoned building and get spooked out.

4. Kennicott Ghost Town

Speaking of spooky, there’s a ghost town, AN ENTIRE TOWN PEOPLE, where you can look for ghosts. Just don’t hunt them, because they are already dead ok?

This town was only erected because of the copper (not gold) mines.  At one point, this town made millions in their copper mining.  Well, they got all the copper they could and then they split.  And now, there’s nothing there but ghosts! Have fun. I know I want to go there someday and have a wicked awesome time! Maybe I’ll monetize my digital marketing business and go!

Kennecott 6


So there are a few things you can do, that you wouldn’t think we have!  No guns needed, no glaciers, and no camping.  Nothing but good ol fun!



Welcome to Alaska Cool


I know it’s expected to have that darn “welcome” post up so here it is!  I really don’t know where to start except that Alaska is really cool, and not for the majority of reasons most think.  This shirt though, is totally a reason. Does your state have a shirt like that?

I mean sure, we’ve got lions, bears, and big foot wannabes- but we have really neat and trendy things too!  Bars (I mean duh), swanky hotels, outdoor activities galore, shopping, family, and well- much more than a glacier or two.

And yeah, it’s cool here. As in cold, it gets really cold.  But it’s also cool, as in rad and stellar.

Don’t forget to read the about me, and if you need anything go ahead and contact me!

So you know, read along and enjoy!  And if you love Alaska cool, share away!