Welcome to Alaska Cool


I know it’s expected to have that darn “welcome” post up so here it is!  I really don’t know where to start except that Alaska is really cool, and not for the majority of reasons most think.  This shirt though, is totally a reason. Does your state have a shirt like that?

I mean sure, we’ve got lions, bears, and big foot wannabes- but we have really neat and trendy things too!  Bars (I mean duh), swanky hotels, outdoor activities galore, shopping, family, and well- much more than a glacier or two.

And yeah, it’s cool here. As in cold, it gets really cold.  But it’s also cool, as in rad and stellar.

Don’t forget to read the about me, and if you need anything go ahead and contact me!

So you know, read along and enjoy!  And if you love Alaska cool, share away!

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